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Who I Am

Welcome to mariawriter.com. I’m Maria. I'm Irish, but I left Ireland 25 years ago. I now live in Lucknow, India, with my family.  When I'm in India, I miss Ireland. When I'm in Ireland, I miss India. I'm equally happy in both countries, so it's probably a good thing that I also love travelling.

What I Do
I'm an Internet content writer, passionate about writing and blogging. I've been published as a fiction writer, in print and digital media.  I had stories in Ireland's Own in Ireland and Woman's Era in India. I even have a Goodreads page, because of the two digital anthologies which have featured my short stories. I also ghostwrite Internet content. I write reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, writing.ie and Flipkart. You're welcome to read and subscribe (see link above) to my blog. If you click on the page list above, you'll find a list of my sites and pages.

Work With Me!

If you're interested in working with me, there are several ways to get in touch.
  • Send me an email at: maria(at)mariawriter(dot)com. 
  • Use the contact form on the blog home page. 
  • If you do Facebook, you can contact me through my page. Click on the link, go to the page and send me a direct message.  https://www.facebook.com/mariawriter63 (Please remember to 'like' my page). 
I'm actively looking for work right now, so get in touch if you need a freelance writer/blogger.

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