Friday, December 4, 2020

I Wrote a Novel in November 2020 - Almost!

In November, I did something I love to do. I wrote a short novel. I completed my 50,000 words on Monday, the 30th of November. I had wondered if I'd reach my goal. I shouldn't have been so slow. I wrote another 50,0000 word novel in October. I finished that one in sixteen days. And once I'd got to 50 thousand words, I was finished with my story. My November effort was different. I wrote 50,000 words but the story is not quite finished yet. The end is clear for most of the characters, but one or two of them are not quite resolved yet. So I'll set myself a target at 55,000 words and try to finish up in that.
I took a few days break, but it's back to work now. I keep a word meter on this blog.The NaNoWriMo site is great for the motivational factor. There's a word meter there. So I've put one on this blog now that the NaNoWriMo one is closed. I also liked NaNoWriMo's suggestion about creating a book cover and a playlist. I didn't really participate in any of their writeathons and I didn't read their pep talks either. Maybe I will now. Now that November is over and Christmas is almost upon us, I have to do other stuff. But I must get this book finish. I aim to finish all my unfinished works in progress, edit them and hopefully, publish them. That's my dream.

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