Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Last 10,000 Words are the Hardest

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
I have five days to go to finish a novel. I can see the end in sight. My five characters have worked through some experiences and they will soon come to some conclusions. Maybe five main characters is too many for a 50,000 word novel. I'm a bit confused about how these last few chapters will go.

It's about a group of girls living in Dublin, circa 1989. Geraldine has decided she doesn't want to become a nun after all. She cites family reasons as the excuse for not taking her vows at the current juncture. But she will never go back. Yvonne and her boyfriend Paul are both coming to terms with the fact that even though they like and respect each other a whole lot, the relationship isn't going to work out. They might as well end it, and move on.  But what Yvonne doesn't know is that Paul fancies Geraldine. A lot. What will she say when she finds out? Because she will. Ruth has escaped from her oppressive family home and lives with a kind aunt. But she and her boyfriend Leo are about the turn a corner in their relationship and their lives will be forever altered. Angie has decided to marry the boy her parents have chosen (she's from an Irish-based Indian family). But she has her own terms and conditions for the marriage to take place. Marian is waiting patiently for her boyfriend Yash in India to overcome his difficulties so they can get married but it looks like he won't be able to return to Ireland. She'll have to go to India. 

Yeah, I've taken lots of inspiration from my own life and the lives of my friends. But it's only inspiration. These characters are different people. I can see them in my head. They look totally different from any friends of mine. 

I only have 10,000 words left to finish the story. Will it be enough?

I really want to finish it by the 30th. 


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