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New Release: Throwing The Light by KA Servian

MBB welcomes the exciting new author KA Servian to the blog today. After a twenty-plus-year career in the applied arts industry, including owning her own fashion and jewellery labels, this author, who is otherwise known as Kathy, decided to turn her creative skills to writing fiction. Her first novel, Peak Hill, was a finalist in the Romance Writers of New Zealand Pacific Hearts Full Manuscript contest in 2016. She now squeezes full-time study for an advanced diploma in applied writing in around writing novels and short stories, teaching sewing and pattern making and being a wife and mother.

K A Servian on the web:

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Keeping the pages turning..........

To create and maintain suspense and tension in a story, Try taking the complete plot outline, breaking it into pieces which hold the main plot points and then drip feeding those pieces to the reader. It's vital to never give away too much too soon. Drop hints and throw in the odd red herring to keep them guessing, that's what makes the reader keep turning pages.

I've done a lot of beta reading and I find that one of the most common mistakes rooky writers make is to 'mind dump'. They don't trust the reader's ability to fill in the gaps for themselves. I used to do it too and forcing myself not to is an ongoing battle.

Try and think of your writing as a sketch. A skilled artist can render a beautiful image using only a few well-placed lines. They allow the viewer to fill in the gaps in the image with their mind. It's the same with writing, use a light touch, only say what you need to and don't weigh the story down with too much information. If the reader must wade through pages of backstory, character self-analysis and soap-boxing the suspense and tension will be lost. 

Throwing Light

Grace is trying to come to terms with her mother's death and handle the unexpected arrival of her ex-boyfriend when a mystery document she finds in a box in the attic turns her life on its head and raises questions she is compelled to answer.

In her search for the truth, she stumbles into the middle of a missing person cold case in a small town where the inhabitants have kept a secret to protect one of their own for twenty-five years. Grace's investigation unearths long-held rivalries and opens old wounds, causing the past to collide with the present with terrifying results. 

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  1. Thanks for this post, Maria and Kathy!

    1. Thanks for introducing Kathy to MBB, Nas.

    2. My pleasure, Kathy. Thanks for stopping by to leave comments.

  2. Thanks for sharing those words of advice!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rosemary.

    2. You're welcome, Rosemary, thanks for your comment.

  3. I love the part about Keeping the Pages Turning. I too have made the error of over writing. Congrats to Kathy.

    Thanks for popping by my blog to say 'hi', Maria. Lovely 'to meet' you.

    1. Thanks for your visit and comment, Nicola. Great to see you over here.

  4. "A skilled artist can render a beautiful image using only a few well-placed lines." This is so true, and is a great comparison to writing, great post. It sounds like Throwing Light has a lot of suspense. Good luck with your book, Kathy.

    And hello Maria :-)

    1. Hello, Annalisa. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi....

    2. Thanks , Annalisa. I hope you have a chance to read it.

  5. I totally agree with the info/mind dumps! I recently dropped a book because I couldn't slog through all the "tell" at the beginning!

  6. Great tip! I do struggle with holding some things back. I want to tell the reader everything at once!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, it's an ongoing battle.

    2. As a reader, I hate to get it all at once. Yet as a writer, I too struggle with oversharing, Stephanie.

  7. I have been seeing this book around and it sounds so interesting. Great advice about holding some things back. Definitely something that takes practice! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Thanks , Jess. I hope you get a chance to read Throwing Light at some stage.

  9. Thanks for the advice. I like what you call 'mind dump'. That's pretty much what it feels like and it's so easy to do. Thanks too for visiting my blog.

    "Female Scientists Before Our Time"

  10. Thanks for your visit and for taking the time to leave a message, Sharon.


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