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THE GLORIOUS DEAD - A publishing adventure in crowdfunding

After a long hiatus, Maria's Book Blog (MBB) is again open for business! I'm resuming my book blogging by featuring an old blogging friend. Author Tim Atkinson's new book, THE GLORIOUS DEAD has been selected  by UNBOUND PUBLISHING.  It's undergoing a rather unusual publishing process using what's known as the  crowdfunding method. Tim Atkinson explains it all in this guest post.

The current status of Tim Atkinson's crowd funded work THE GLORIOUS DEAD stands at 71%

Find Tim Atkinson on the Web:

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Everyone has them. We all decide what to share and what to hide and from whom. We shape our story to suit different audiences. And when those audiences meet, things can go disastrously wrong. 
The Glorious Dead
After the Great War, some volunteers stay on after Armistice. They search for the missing, bury the dead and create those iconic military cemeteries. But why are the British dead being buried abroad? And why are th…