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Spotlight on THE FIRE TRILOGY by author Devika Fernando

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If you’re playing with fire, prepare to get burned – or to fall in love.
Sparks fly when Felicia and Joshua meet. Discovering her inner fire and unleashing unimaginable powers makes her realize that all her life, she has been hiding her true self. When buildings burn and people are in danger, the tempting game of playing with fire becomes serious. Will their love and desperate struggle for control save her life, or will the fire magic turn itself against its mistress?
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When a fire witch and an ice wizard flee to Iceland to build a new life, they never expect the one thing that could tear them apart – Kyle, adding his own magic into the mix. Felicia starts questioning everything they have. She is torn between the man who loves her but is her polar opposite, and the man who attracts her but means nothing but trouble.  As if her confusing emotions weren’t enough, Felicia…

The Madras Affair by Sundari Venkataraman

The Madras Affair  by  Sundari Venkatraman 

Sangita Sinclair was not always this successful & passionate lady, heading the NGO “Penn Urimai” for downtrodden, abused and homeless women….
When Sangita catches the eye of Gautam Sinclair she is a simple, homely girl; utterly unaware of her charms & capabilities. She has the devil’s own time in overcoming her inhibitions, hesitation, and her family’s orthodox and outdated rules before recognising her love for Gautam.
Will Gautam be able to solve Sangita’s Dilemma or will she be forever trapped in her past?
Meet Sangita
Sangita has been battered by life. She’s been a victim of marital rape and is widowed after barely a year and a half of marriage. Though her husband’s death brings her relief from one end, it brings forth another set of problems. She’s a widow now and is made to suffer for it as if it’s her fault that her husband died in a drunken accident.
But does this…

MORE THAN JUST DESIRE by Summerita Rhayne

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More Than Just Desire  by SummeritaRhayne

The Bollywood diva who regrets nothing... Piya walked out of an explosive situation three years ago. Now she's back in Bollywood and wants to regain the crown that she left behind when she ran away from Arfaaz. It seems everyone who used to idolize her has forgotten her. In the competitive world of starry glamour, the only way she can restart her career is trash the past and make some waves.
The man who wants her atonement.. Arfaaz is determined to get his revenge on Piya for making a farce of their marriage and then leaving him to face the mudslinging. He forces her to keep up the appearances and stay with him so she can play the loving wife and repent on her sins. But he finds Piya isn't so easy to handle. She drives him crazy with her antics. On the top of that the attraction between them sizzles and threatens to make him forget reason.
Conflict clashes…

Roomies/Foodies by Lakshmi Ashwin & Meghana Chaudhary Joshi

The year is 2001. Two young Indian girls arrive in the U.S. for the first time, to attend graduate school and be room-mates. One’s a non-cook. The other’s kitchen skills are strictly basic. As luck would have it, both are consummate foodies. And it’s not just advanced Molecular Biology they’ll come to tackle—the daily challenge is to feed their stomachs…and souls…on a thinner-than-spaghetti budget! Part memoir, part cook-book,Roomies/Foodies compiles the experiments and culinary adventures of Lux and Meg as they stick to their resolve of eating only non-boring food! Written in a slick, hip, conversational style, this well-organized handbook bubbles with anecdotes, tips, tricks, cheater’s methods and over 60 lip-smacking recipes. Spanning an easy-to moderate spectrum of skills, Meg and Lux’s “Eureka moments” in their own kitchen will help spare YOU some painful trial and error in yours!

Meghana Chaudhary Joshi (Meg) has worked in clinical research in the US, run her own socio-environmen…
Today, MBB welcomes Kathy Stewart. Kathy Stewart was born in South Africa, and she and her husband now live on the Gold Coast, Australia. She has published a number of books as well as numerous articles and short stories in magazines and anthologies. Her manuscripts, The Chameleon Factor and Race Against Time, were shortlisted and longlisted respectively for the 2010 Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award in the UK.
Kathy Stewart on the web:

Can you share a short bio? I was born in South Africa and my husband and I now live on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia. We lived on a farm in South Africa and had a strong connection to the land and the wonderful fauna of the country. We even had leopard living on our farm, which was surprising, as it wasn’t remote. Since I’ve been in Australia, I’ve worked as a freelance editor, picking up on a passion I’ve had all my life.
What inspires your writing? Almost anything. It can be a chance word, a chance encount…