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Trampled Underfoot- a novel by Elizabeth Good

US author Elizabeth Good's latest novel TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT looks like a fascinating read.  Let's find out some more about it.
Elizabeth Good on the web:

1. What inspires you to write My inspiration to write both of my books sprang from a burning desire to come to terms as to how and why I am where I am today. Both of my books are fictional but based on real life events which happened to me. I started "looking back" and decided that Fate played a huge part in my life as a teenager and the direction my life went was shaped by some pivotal moves of which I had no control over.  These two books, Trampled Underfoot, and the first book, Just Another Sunday, which is a Coming-Of-Age story, explores the interplay between Fate and Free Will Choices. There is no one (living or dead) on earth who is immune to these mysteries of Life. I'm certain that we all, at one time or another, have said something off the cuff like this: "As…

Spotlight on Magic Man by Jacquie Jacoby

Jacquie Jacoby's new release is an intriguing read indeed, with Celtic roots. Having Celtic roots myself, I'm naturally very keen to get my hands on this read. Let's check out this exciting new read.....

Jacqui Jacoby on the web:
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Meet the Author 
Award-winning author, Jacqui Jacoby lives and writes in the beauty of Northern Arizona. Currently adjusting to being an empty nester with her first grandchild to draw her pictures, Jacqui is a self-defense hobbyist. Having studied martial arts for numerous years she retired in 2006 from the sport, yet still brings strength she learned from the discipline to her heroines. She is a working writer, whose career includes writing books, teaching online and live workshops and penning short nonfiction,


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