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HOLLOW by Ava Conway

Blurb for Hollow: Girl, Interrupted meets Beautiful Disaster in this thrilling and sexy debut novel, in which a college student learns her perfect life is a lie and finds new love where she least expects it—a mental institution. Freaks, misfits and psychopaths. Those are the kinds of people found at Newton Heights Psychiatric Hospital, and high-society girl Lucy White’s new home. Freaks, misfits and Jayden McCray. Jayden has his own set of rules for life at Newton Heights, and in this contradictory guy Lucy finds a way to live with the events that left her cheating boyfriend and best friend dead and Lucy in the middle of the investigation into their demise. The problem? Jayden makes her want things she’s not supposed to have, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality and making Lucy feel more at home in Newton Heights than she ever did at home. But this isn’t how her life is supposed to be. Or is it? Excerpt: I framed his face with my palms and held his gaze. “You can’t hold…

TROUBLE HAS A NEW NAME - New Release from Indian Author Adite Banerjie

Maria's Book Blog welcomes Indian author AditeBanerjie, who writes for Mills & Boon India.  She's back with another great read: TROUBLE HAS A NEW NAME.


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Welcome, Adite.  I wonder would you please share a brief description of your writing journey?
My journey as a fiction writer began about six years ago after I took a short screenwriting course and was completely hooked. I had been a journalist and a content creator for more than 15 years and I wanted to do something that was different yet similar. After doing a few more online writing workshops and lurking at fiction writing forums I finally mustered the courage to write a few spec screenplays. I was commissioned to write a screenplay and I had a ball doing it. Once I was more confident of my ability to write fiction, I decided to experiment with writing a novel. I shot off an entry to the Harlequin India Author Auditions contest and was very lucky to be among the winners.…


Today, MBB welcomes author JK Coi.
J.K. Coi  is a multi-published, award winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance and urban fantasy, who loves writing dark, tortured characters that leap off the page and into readers hearts. Follow her on Twitter  and Facebook.
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The MBB interview with J. K. Coi:

Can you share a short bio?
JK Coi is code name for the deadliest member of a super secret spy organization whose mission is to seek out and destroy mullets and meggings in the unsuspecting public.
Just kidding.
I’m really nothing special. I’m just a woman with a husband and a son, who loves to write. I also like to read, walk with the dog, and create things with stained glass.
What inspires your writing?
Little things. Everything. I find inspiration in the look two people give each other across a crowded room I happen to be in. Is that a look of anticipation or frustration? Maybe they’re in a new relationship and can’t wait to get e…