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Author Yael Levy on her new release TOUCHDOWN

Author Yael Levy is a native New Yorker, who lived in Israel for several years. She is a freelance illustrator and a journalist, as well as an author of romance novels, unique in that they feature heroines who are Orthodox Jews.  This extremely talented woman is currently studying for a Master's degree in law at Emory University in the USA.

Author Yael Levy on the Web:


Excerpts from an interview with author Yael Levy:

What inspired you to write novels? I was writing freelance articles forCity Lights,The Jerusalem Postweekend magazine – when my editor asked me for an article on how Orthodox Jews date. I realized I couldn’t do the topic justice in one article. What I had to write was a book. It took four years to write the first draft of Brooklyn Love when my kids were asleep early in the morning and late at night, another four years to learn how to rewrite and polish my craft, and six years to learn about the business. Are any of your characters based on anyone you…

Ruchi Vasudeva - Back With A Second Book YOU CAN'T FIGHT A ROYAL ATTRACTION

Ruchi Vasudeva was a winner in the Mills & Boon India PASSIONS contest last year.  She brought out her first novel BOLLYWOOD FIANCE FOR A DAY in August, 2013.  She has now followed it up with YOU CAN'T FIGHT A ROYAL ATTRACTION and that too promises to be a great read.  I caught up with Ruchi to ask her how it feels to be an author the second time around to and find out of the myth is true - is the second book really harder than the first one?

Ruchi Vasudeva on the Web:
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Is it really true, Ruchi, that the second book is harder than the first? Well, yes and no. The story and concept were harder to sort out but that might have been an individual problem in the story. It was hard to make everything satisfactory to the logical left brain which kept on pointing out the holes in the story. The writing itself was quite easier. Though that might be because I was on a deadline! :)

Is this book a follow on from the first? Somewhat. The heroine is the sister of the …

A Journey into Regency England with Petronela Ungureanu

Petronela Ungureanu is a fantasy writer and a journalist living in a picturesque part of poetic Romania. She takes great pleasure in simple things like walking barefoot in the grass, or reading Jane Austen in front of a good fire, surrounded by her numerous purring cats. When the time feels right, she mysteriously withdraws in her favorite corner where she concocts fantastical stories about elves, fairies, gnomes and other wondrous creatures. Here's her new release, A LOT OF PRIDE AND SOME PREJUDICE, a Regency romance with a touch of mystery. 

On the verge of losing her home and her position in society, Miss Portia Thorpe is fighting all her battles with her very heart. When Lord Salisbury is offering his friendship and support, she develops a most unsuitable inclination towards him. Surrounded by uncertainty and some very strange events, Portia must face the future where her estate, Valhall…

A Change of Genre is as Good as a Rest - Guest Post by Sally Quilford - Back With an Urban Fantasy Novella - HIS BROTHER'S KEEPER

Can you believe it?  She's back with another new release and a complete change of genre.  I'm talking, of course, about the wonderful Sally Quilford. Her new urban fantasy novella HIS BROTHER'S KEEPER is a real departure from her usual style of sweet romances.   One thing I know about this talented author is that no matter what she writes - be it romance or be it crime - her work can be summed up in three words - great reading entertainment.  In this guest post, she tells us what a change of genre can do for an author and what it did for her.



Using up ideas for your writing is a bit like taking biscuits from a tin. If you just keep taking, and don’t replenish the tin, then eventually you find it empty. Then comes that awful hunger that I’m sure many writers like me feel when they desperately want to write, but can’t find anything to write about. 

This can happen when one sticks to the same genre all the time. I write mainl…

Helen Carey Talks About Her Novels.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome novelist Helen Carey to my blog today.  Helen is the author of both contemporary and historical fiction and having read only the blurbs of her books until now, I'm anxious to start reading.  They seem to be really intriguing stories with great characters.  Helen gave some really individual answers to my usual set of questions.



What inspires you to write, Helen?
I love the whole process of writing. I love puzzles too and for me writing a novel is like embarking on a big puzzle, or a three dimensional game of chess. I also love a good story and I will only start a new novel if  I am sure I have a really compelling story to tell. The characters are obviously key to that too. They don’t have to be all good but they do have to be interesting. If they entertain me then I feel more confident they 
will entertain my readers!

Do you have a regular target of words per day or do you prefer to write when the mus…