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Sandra Marton on her Wilde Series - Guest Post and Giveaway!

I'm delighted to welcome author Sandra Marton to MBB today.  Sandra is the author of fabulous and absorbing romantic fiction which literally sweeps you off your feet and gives you a great time.  She has published novels with Harlequin Mills & Boon and has self published novels also.  My particular favorite is CHARON'S CROSSING, a paranormal contemporary/historical romance which I found absolutely thrilling and compulsive.  I'm so pleased to host her today.  She's here with a guest post and a giveaway.


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Over to Sandra now:

Sexy, gorgeous men. Beautiful, spirited women. Passion. Romance. Places you always wanted to visit. And, above all else, a story that captures your mind, your heart, your imagination.

That’s what I want to give to my readers.

And there’s one more thing.

I want to give you stories that cover a big canvas. 

What do I mean by a big canvas? Simply put, I’m talking about storylines that mingle, merge and come together in ways that are sometimes unexpected. I’m talking about characters who move seamlessly from one book to another. Some of us call these linked books; others call them sagas. Whatever you call them, those are the books you tell me you love to read—and I love to write them.

I’ve created family sagas before. The Landons. The Barons. The O’Connells. The Orsinis. 

And now, the Wildes.

I began with a trilogy about three brothers, and wrote it for Harlequin Presents. The books were— and are, they’re still bestsellers at Amazon—The Dangerous Jacob Wilde, followed by The Ruthless Caleb Wilde, ending—or so I thought—with The Merciless Travis Wilde. I loved creating those three strong, proud, passionate men. I gave them equally strong, proud, passionate heroines, a powerful father, a ranch the size of a small country, and three independent-minded sisters.

And then I thought, how could I not tell the sisters’ stories, too?

I was just about to start writing about the Wilde sisters when a fan—you know who you are—emailed and said she’d loved to have “met” Jake, Caleb and Travis before they met the women they would eventually marry.

I thought about that. And I decided that fan had a good point—and before I knew it, I had the story idea for a prequel to the Wilde saga! I titled that book The Prince of Pleasure. It’s the story of Khan and Laurel. They meet through their mutual friends, the Wildes. Khan and Laurel are from very different cultures, but that doesn’t stop them from falling in love. The problem is that it might stop them from having a future together. So might a crazed fan, who wants Khan for herself. I won’t tell you more, but this is an intensely passionate story and it’s still a bestseller at Amazon, at iBooks, and B&N, and at Kobo.

Then I wrote the story of the youngest Wilde sister. Emily: Sex & Sensibility consistently wins five star reviews! Her story is hot and romantic, it has touches of humor, and moments that will bring tears to your eyes. Emily is creative and smart; she’s on her own in Manhattan. Her life is lurching forward—one not-so-good job after another seems to be the best she can do—until one rainy night when she meets gorgeous billionaire Marco Santini. Marco offers her a job. At first, Emily turns it down—she senses that working with sexy Marco could be dangerous—but it’s too good an
offer to turn down. She accepts the job, but she tells Marco that she’ll never sleep with him. That’s the plan, but what seems a heartbeat later, she's in Paris with Marco, in his bed, in his heart—and so deeply trapped in a lie of her own making that it looks as if nothing can save her from losing the only man she’ll ever love.

Book two of The Wilde Sisters Trilogy. Jaimie: Fire & Ice was published on October 1. Jaimie is the middle sister. She’s the practical one. She’s an accountant, though at the start of her story, she’s switched careers. She’s a Realtor in Washington, D.C. Jaimie never does anything without thinking it through…until the night she meets ex-soldier, ex-Special Ops guy Zach Castelianos. An East Coast power outage strands them together in his Manhattan penthouse. Against all odds—Jaimie’s practical nature, Zach’s irritation at having her intrude on his space—they are drawn to each other. They end up in Zach’s bed where their passion lights up the dark city night, but when Zach wakes the next morning, Jaimie is gone. He tells himself he’s forgotten her, but he hasn’t. And when a stalker threatens Jaimie’s life, Zach is the only man who can keep her safe.

What’s next? Well, I’m currently writing a novella called The Gift. It’s for a very special holiday anthology coming out in November, and will include stories by me and some of your favorite authors: Melody Anne, Kathleen Brooks, Ruth Cardello, Lynn Raye Harris, Judy Angelo, Shadonna Richards, and Danielle Stewart. The working title for this collection is Hot, Sexy, and Bad. That should give you some idea of what these stories will be like!

I’m also writing Lissa: Sugar & Spice. It’s the book in which you’ll meet the eldest Wilde sister. Emily is creative. Jaimie’s practical. Lissa is… Well, she’s Lissa. She’s outspoken. Sharp. Smart. Uninhibited. She’s a free spirit and she isn’t the least bit interested in love or marriage, but she’s at a point where she’s feeling just a little lonely, a little lost, and if a hot, sexy guy came along right now, she’d be up for a two or three month fling.Except, fate or destiny or whatever you want to call it has other plans for Lissa. The man who comes into her life is hot and sexy, all right, but he’s not interested in a fling. He’s not even interested in her.
Not interested? Impossible! And Lissa Wilde is always up for a challenge!

Look for Lissa: Sugar & Spice in February. 

And always, please remember that I’m happy to “see” you at my website, at Twitter, or at Facebook as my FB Friend or my FB Fan.

With love,


Sandra has very kindly agreed to give a copy of her ebooks THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE and EMILY, SEX AND SENSIBILITY to one person who leaves a comment.  So please leave a comment before you go.

The winner is Suzanne Jones


  1. Love the interview. Love all the books that Sandra Marton writes. Have many of her books on my "keep shelf". Looking forward to reading about Lissa when it comes out next year and also the novella. Keep up the good work. We always need more sexy heroes and heroines. Happy writing.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Shirley! You know how much I love "talking with" my readers--it's one of the best things about being a writer!

    2. I'm thrilled to see you over here, Shirley.

  2. When I get to know and like a character it's great to find them appearing in other books.

    1. Exactly how I feel about picking up a character I've created and giving him/her a story of his/her own! It's also another reason that I love writing big, sprawling sagas. When I carry a character from one book to another, or from one book to several other books, it's like being with old friends.

    2. Yes, Patsy and Sandra, I love that too.

  3. Hi Sandra, Hello Maria.

    I loved the Wilde Brothers and met the sisters. Then when we got their story, it was simply fantastic.

    I like reading about connected characters as I feel we know them.

    Congrats and all the best!

  4. Hi Kelly:

    I'm glad you loved the WIldes. Remember that Lissa comes next... and there'll be more surprises after that. Also before that! You'll meet Zach again, briefly, in THE GIFT, the novella I completed TODAY for Hot, Sexy and Bad, a Christmas anthology that will include stories by me, Judy Angelo, Melody Anne, Kathleen Brooks, Ruth Cardello, Lynn Raye Harris, Stephanie Richards and Danielle Stewart. And me. Or did I already say that? :-)

  5. Hi, Sandra! *waves enthusiastically*

    I'm a huge fan of your books. You inspire me as a writer. Blackwolf's Redemption & Not for Sale are some of my faves!!! I also love The Wildes, of course.

    You do emotion so well. Scorching hot scenes are awesome plots. Okay. Done stalking :) lol.

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Carmen, lovely to see you here, thank you so much for dropping in!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful series! I think I would enjoy reading these

  8. Suz, thanks for stopping by! Delighted to see you!

  9. Hello Sandra, You've had awesome success with your writing, and I'm certainly inspired to read your stories!

  10. Goodness! The Wilde Sisters are sizzling!! Phew!! *Fans self*! All the best Sandra and lovely to meet you! Take care

  11. Haven't read this series yet

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


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