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Guest Post from Patsy Collins, Novelist and Short Story Writer

It's my absolute pleasure to welcome novelist and short story writer Patsy Collins back to MBB today to give us some information on her new short story collection, UP THE GARDEN PATH.  She's also sharing her thoughts through this guest post on the relevance of the short story in the digital age.


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It's quick, easy and inexpensive to download ebooks. If you're reading this then you're halfway there. You can grab a free app and have one on your computer in seconds. You can invest in a snazzy ereader with backlit screen, or you can access it on your phone (unless it's as old and basic as mine) We need never be without something new to read.

What to read though? Often we want something to relieve the boredom of commuting, but that won't make us miss our stop so often we get plenty of time to read but no pay cheque. We might not have the time or patience to &…

Aurelia B. Rowl on a Blog Tour Stop for POPPING THE CHERRY with a GIVEAWAY!

Aurelia B. Rowl is stopping by MBB today to give us the lowdown on her new YA/NA release (that's Young Adult/New Adult for those who might not yet know - to the best of my knowledge it means Young Adult fiction with extra hot content) POPPING THE CHERRY.  She's put together a very exciting blog tour to get the word out about this book and it looks like a really outstanding read.



GUEST POST:  Random Facts About Author Aurelia B. Rowl
Random Fact #1:
I am susceptible to the effects of water. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the seaside, or if I’m out walking in the rain, simply taking a shower, or even just unloading the dishwasher. Yep, that’s right, I get attacked when I’m doing mundane household chores.By now, you’re probably wondering if I’ve been on the adult “water” but I assure you I’m completely sober.

Random Fact #2:
I have a bookshelf crammed to bursting and stacked three deep with Terry Pratchett novels.I spent many hours …

Meet Melanie Milburne and the Cafferelli Clan - Giveaway

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Melanie Milburne to MBB today. She is one of the top authors at Harlequin Mills & Boon and her work has given pleasure to millions of readers.  Her latest project is the Caffarelli series, the first of which is NEVER SAY NO TO A CAFFARELLI.  Melanie lives in Australia, but needless to say, her books are read worldwide.


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You are a well-established romance author. Have you written anything other than contemporary?
I have written a romantic comedy screenplay and some poetry and some short stories, but my main home is category romance, as I love bringing feel good stories to readers. After all, it’s where I began my love affair with the genre! I really love the challenge of writing layered and deeply emotional stories so readers are not just entertained but have a chance to think as well.

How do you get the inspiration for your stories?
I find life very inspiring. Every day I hear or read of something…

Welcome Adite Banerjie - Debut Indian Author Mills & Boon India

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Adite Banerjie to MBB today. Adite's debut novel has just been released by Mills & Boon India. Adite was one of the winners of the Mills & Boon India PASSIONS contest last year, alongside Ruchi Vasudeva, another Mills & Boon debutante who was here at MBB a few weeks back.  Adite has come to tell us something about her new book and having read and reviewed it, I can assure readers of romance, Indian or otherwise, that they are in for a real treat if they pick this one up. 



Adite, many congratulations on the publication of your novel. How do you feel right now?
Thanks so much, Maria, for hosting me on your blog. Oh, I’m very excited about being published by one of the largest publishers of romance novels. And, honestly speaking, it’s not quite sunk in that I’m now a published author! J

When you were faced with the prospect of writing a book for Mills & Boon India, did you have a plot in mi…

Jane Porter on Romance Fiction and Women's Fiction

I'm really excited to welcome Jane Porter to my blog today.  Jane is an author of romance novels with Harlequin Presents, but she also writes wonderful women's fiction, about life, love and relationships with the various twists and turns.  In women's fiction, the happy ever after (HEA) isn't always a given, but there's always that sense of having learnt something new about life and having grown in some way.  Jane has just released THE GOOD WIFE, the third book in her BRENNAN SISTERS TRILOGY, which I'm greatly enjoying right now.  So she's come along to tell us a bit about the book.


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You write wonderful romance and women's fiction.  Which genre is your favourite?
I love both equally, to be honest.  I’ve always loved reading romance novels and I find a lot of pleasure in writing classic romances too.  My women’s fiction novels allow me the freedom to write the longer, deeper stories I’ve always wanted to write…

Tina K. Burton on CHAPTERS OF LIFE

It's an absolute pleasure to welcome the lovely Tina K. Burton to MBB this week, to tell us about her novel, newly released by Crooked Cat Publishing, CHAPTERS OF LIFE.  I met Tina when we were both members of the same writers' group on FB and anyone who says virtual friends are not as good as the 'real thing' should see us chatting on FB.  We're both almost exactly the same age, having recently celebrated milestone birthdays within weeks of each other and of course we both love to write and tell stories.  CHAPTERS OF LIFE is such a compulsive read that I found myself calling Tina the English Maeve Binchy, because her gentle story of love and relationships revolving around a reading group and a bookshop put me so much in mind of the late, great Irish novelist, a particular favourite of mine. Tina, like me, is also a short story writer and is considerably more successful than I am, having been published in British periodicals as well down under in Australia. She is …