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Mariam Kobras SONG OF THE STORM Blog Hop Stop

Today, I welcome Mariam Kobras to MBB.  Mariam's latest release is Song of the Storm, which is the third part of her wonderful Stone Trilogy, which I'm in the process of reading right now.  The other books in the series are The Distant Shore (Part I) and Under The Same Sun (Part II).  Mariam is based in Germany, where she lives with her family. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she has roots in India, where I live.  She is published by Buddhapuss Ink.


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Mariam, what inspires you to write? In other words, what propels you towards your keyboard?

Oh dear, what a difficult question!

When I started writing about four years ago, it was a snippet of what would become the story of  The Distant Shore that made me want to write. For quite a while after that, I really believed that I was a one-book-author and that this was it for me.Then I was signed by my publisher, Buddhapuss Ink, and strangely, this was the motivation to go on writing…

Kamy Chetty on BREATHE AGAIN - Giveaway!

I'm happy to welcome Kamy Chetty back to MBB. This author, who's originally a nurse, has been extremely busy with lots of releases within the last few months, including the romantic thriller FALLING INTO PARADISE and the emotionally rich FAMILY TIES.  Her latest release, BREATHE AGAIN, promises to be just as attention grabbing as the previous two releases.


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What inspires you?
I am fascinated by people and their motivations to do things and this could be in their personal lives or things that end up in the evening news, but either way it gives me something to work with for that next book.

Plotter or pantser?
Both, I start with an idea and characters and a basic plan but then my characters tend to steer me on the journey which can make the story and life very interesting

Your book in 140 characters (tweet size)
A man torn between the hurt of his past and the hope and joy a family can bring to his future

What's next?
More writing,…

Marie Laval on her Historical THE LION'S EMBRACE - GIVEAWAY

Today, I welcome historical author Marie Laval to MBB.  Marie is the author of two beautiful historical novels, ANGEL HEART and her recent release THE LION'S EMBRACE.  Both books are totally enjoyable reads in which one can just lose oneself and never want to come out again.  Her writing has a French flavour about it, and a touch of old world elegance. The astonishing thing about Marie is that although she's  French by blood, birth and upbringing, she writes  beautifully and naturally  in the English language.  In this post, Marie has answered all the questions I asked her about her work and writing.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Marie's giveaway is Maria McKenzie.  Congratulations, Maria



Hello Maria, and thank you very much for welcoming me on your blog today. It is a real pleasure to be here.

You were asking me what made me a writer...It has to be, first and foremost, my passion for reading. As a child growing up in Lyon, France, t…

Meet Sandra Harris - Giveaway!

Debut author Sandra Harris has just released her science fiction novel, ALIEN MINE.  I don't get to interview too any science fiction authors here on MBB, although I did interview Valerie Parv earlier this year on account of her science fiction novel BIRTHRIGHT.  But the genre is less common, shall we say?  Sandra has come all the way from sunny Australia to tell us about her book, so let's read on and find out more......


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ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Sandra's giveaway is Shelly.  Congratulations, Shelly.

What inspired you to become a writer?
I don’t know that there was any actual event that inspired me to be a writer. There was no, ‘Ah-ha! That’s what I want to be’ moment. I morphed into being a writer, starting with a suggestion from a friend that I write the stories in my head to eventually developing the determination to become a published author.

What is your preferred genre?
To read and write, I prefer science f…

Sarah England's Debut Novel EXPECTED - and a free download.

Today, it gives me great pleasure to welcome the very lovely Sarah England to MBB to tell us something about her debut novel, EXPECTED.  EXPECTED is a little bit different from the other books I've introduced so far on MBB.  The reason being that EXPECTED is a comedy novel.  Now of all the genres there is, this has to be the hardest to write.  Looking at Sarah, it's really quite surprising that she's written comedy, because I would have thought of her as very much the type of lady to write romance.  Looks can be deceiving, right?  Let's get to know Sarah a little better!


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Can you share briefly what made you a writer, Sarah?
I've wanted to write fiction since I was a little girl sitting on the backseat of my dad's cortina on rainy holidays, reading my mother's Victoria Holt novels... Alas I didn't get the time or opportunity until I was very much older; but by then I'd had lots of life experiences and t…

Jennifer Faye with RANCHER TO THE RESCUE - and a GIVEAWAY!

I It gives me great pleasure to welcome debut Harlequin Mills and Book author Jennifer Fay to MBB today.  Jennifer's contemporary cowboy romance RANCHER TO THE RESCUE is an emotional, uplifting read.  I've read it and can highly recommend it to readers who love emotional love stories.  You can read my review of it, along with reviews by the rest of Team RBH, right here, if you'd like to know more about the book.  Meanwhile, let's get to know Jennifer a little better.....

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Jennifer's giveaway is Crystal Newman.


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What inspired you to become a writer?
I’ve wanted to be a writer as far back as I can remember. When I was a little girl I was fascinated with Dr. Seuss. It grew from there. When I was a teenager and found my first Harlequin during a sidewalk sale, I knew I wanted to be a romance writer. Life just threw me a few detours, but I refused to give up my dream. And at long last my…