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Meet Author Heather Boyd - GIVEAWAY

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Congrats to Nancy Crocker, Heather's giveaway winner. 

Today, I welcome Heather Boyd to MBB.  Heather is an Australian author who enjoys writing steamy novels with an historical background (preferably an English one!).  She lives with her family in Sydney, Australia.


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What made you decide to become a writer?
It was either write or go mad from the stories swirling around in my head. LOL

Why are you attracted to the Regency period?
Before I was a writer, I read in a lot of genres but what I liked about the regency era novels was they were the ones that made me laugh out loud. It’s fun to write around the rules of what was considered proper 19th century behavior and see how far you can bend them.

Do you write when the muse strikes you or do you write every day?  Do you have a target? Writing is my full time job, but much as I’d like to write new words every day there is editing, blurbs, promotional posts to write too. When I…

Michael Mulvihill talks about SIBERIAN HELLHOLE - and a Giveaway

ANNOUNCEMENT:  A review copy of SIBERIAN HELLHOLE goes to Shackman.

Today, I welcome Michael Mulvihill to MBB.  Michael is an Irish author and has written  a paranormal fiction novel, SIBERIAN HELLHOLE, published by WheelMan Press.  SIBERIAN HELLHOLE is a novel with a spiritual slant and a strong message.



What made you a writer?
Maria, at school, an English and History teacher, Mrs Bateman, told my dad that I had book writing talent.  I was regarded as  a good writer by my  Leaving Certificate English teacher.I didn't know at fourteen what genre I could devote myself to.   But this would reveal itself via time and thought.  I remember things that  influenced me as a child, like the horror/sci fi TV series V. This was an amazing programme.  I learnt that  if you want to devote yourself to a genre, that's cool, but you do not have to abort your interest in the history of the world that you live in. You actually can become a genre writer…

Meet author Rachel Van Dyken - Giveaway

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Rachel's giveaway is Desere

I'm very happy to welcome Rachel Van Dyken to MBB today. Rachel's one of my fellow reviewers on ROMANCING THE BOOK and she's also an author in her own right with a prolific output and an impressive backlist.  Her recent release THE BET hit number one in the Amazon (paid) charts recently and was there for a number of days. I had a few question up my sleeve to ask Rachel and she very graciously took time out of her busy schedule to answer them.



What made you decide to write?
I was a school counselor right out of college and also worked for the state as a therapist. Things were stressful to say the least. As a way to de-stress I started writing--and I haven't stopped since! I always have a story of some kind rolling around in my head. It doesn't feel like work for me. If anything, Im angry that I actually need to sleep!

What are your preferred genres for writing and re…

Heating Up Hawaii with Carmen Falcone

Carmen Falcone is no stranger to this blog, having been the opening guest here with her first book A VENGEFUL AFFAIR.and heaving appeared here recently with her cover reveal for HEATING UP HAWAII, her newest release.. A Brazilian by birth and now based in the USA with her family, Carmen writes hot, contemporary romance.

As this is your second book Carmen,  is it the same excitement, or something different this time? I don’t know if anything can ever match having your first book released into the big, bad world. Especially because, until its release, a lot of my friends and family didn’t know I was a closet writer. So, it wasn’t just a book debut, it was also me coming out of the writing closet. I received a lot of support, and it really moved me. That said, I’m extremely excited about Heating Up Hawaii. It has its own milestone because it marks t…