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Cait O'Sullivan With a Guest Post - And A Giveaway!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  We have a winner for a copy of Cait's novel.  And the winner is..........Kristina.  So Kristina, if you're reading this, you'll have received emails from both Cait and me by now.  Congratulations indeed!  And for those of you who didn't win but would still like to read Cait's book, the novel is available on the posted links.  We hope you'll consider buying a copy and putting this book up on the bestseller lists where it belongs.  Right Cait?

It gives me great pleasure to hang out with  Cait O'Sullivan here at  MBB today.  Believe it or not, she's the first Irish guest I've ever invited here, in spite of the fact that I'm a homesick Irish expat, who is most attached to all things Irish - well, within reason, of course.  Okay, the post is a bit late for St. Patrick's Day, but so what?  We don't need a reason to have a blast.  Cait is the author of ROMANCING THE SEAS, a fabulous romance novel recently published by Crimson Roma…

Guises of Desire - Hilda Reilly Talks About Her Novel - And A Giveaway

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The GUISES OF DESIRE giveaway has been won by Edith.  Congratulations Edith.  Anyone who wanted to read the book and didn't win, please remember that it's readily available to buy at the buy links posted below.  Thanks for entering the draw.

I'm very happy to welcome Hilda Reilly to MBB today.  Hilda has created a work of historical fiction, beautifully written and exhaustively researched, about Bertha Pappenheim, who may be called 'the founding patient of psychoanalysis'.  To write this book, Hilda has literally gone back in time and  recreated the world of 19th century Vienna, the world of a young Jewish woman from a well to do family, whose case became the subject of research which gave rise to theories about psychanalysis which have persisted practically up to the present day.  The unfortunate woman was diagnosed as suffering from 'hysteria', a disease which doesn't even exist.  She seems to have been suffering from a combination of ad…

Carla Swafford talks about her Circle! And a Giveaway!

I'm happy to welcome the very talented author Carla Swafford to my book blog today.  Carla and I have been blogging friends for a couple of years now and I was very happy for her when her first published novel CIRCLE OF DESIRE came out some time back.  I got myself a print copy as soon as I could get my hands on one.  It was followed by part 2 of the series, CIRCLE OF DANGER.  With the publication of CIRCLE OF DECEPTION, the circle is now complete.  Hailing from Alabama in the USA, Carla is a perfect southern lady, but man, she writes hot!  She's not afraid to grasp the nettle and write about subjects which you'd think a lady would rather shy away from!  But don't judge these book by their covers.  Beneath the 'hot' exterior, there's a worthwhile message.  As you might say, her writing has depth and quality.  Well I wouldn't expect anything less in Carla's case.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Carla's Giveaway is Timitra.  Congrats, Timitra.


Kamy Chetty Talks About Her New Book

Kamy Chetty is my special guest on MBB this week.  Her novel FALLING INTO PARADISE, a really hot read, has recently been published by Red Sage. 


Author Page

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Kamy's Giveaway has been won by Old Kitty.  Congratulations, Kitty.
How does it feel to have your first book published? It must be very exciting!

Sometimes it still feels like a dream, especially now that people are reading and telling me what they think. It’s worse when people I know say things like, lots of action and really hot. I still refuse to send mum a copy.

Can you tell me a little about your characters in FALLING INTO PARADISE?

Damon is the delectable sheriff who decides that Sophie is his next conquest. Unfortunately Sophie isn’t going to fall into bed without setting some rules, but when she gets accused of malpractice, it brings up some past hurt that snowballs into disaster.

Did you have fun writing this novel?

I had a ball writing this book. I…