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Welcome Carla Caruso - Interview and Giveaway!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of a copy of Carla's novel is Patsy Collins.  Congratulations Patsy

Carla Caruso's my guest on MBB today.  She's come to tell us about her new novel SECOND CHANCE.  It's a timeslip novel about Flora, a thirtysomething woman who has a lot of regrets in her life and miraculously gets a second chance to go back and do things differently the second time around.  I'm currently in the throes of reading the book and am finding it hilarious.

So, Carla, let's hear from you!

Your books seem to be really fun, light fiction – of course I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. How would you describe your writing?

Actually you’ve probably hit the nail on the head. I’m a fan of romantic comedy/chick-lit authors myself, like Sophie Kinsella and Maggie Alderson, plus rom-com films, so I guess that flows into my work. Plus, I have a background in magazine and feature writing, which lends itself to a lighter, more conversational tone. So this drifts i…

Teresa Ashby With A New Novel - And A Giveaway!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Teresa's Giveaway is Caroline.  Congratulations.

I'm happy to welcome the wonderful Teresa Ashby to MBB today.  I might as well reveal that I hold Teresa in very high esteem indeed.  She's everything, as a writer, that I'd love to be.  A prolific short story writer who also writes novels, she recently released THE DOCTOR'S DECISION.  She's come to tell us a bit about it.  

So, Teresa, tell us everything!

Teresa, you're best known as a short story writer and you're probably one of the most successful short story writers around today.  What made you decide to take up writing novels?
I’ve always written novels. They were my first love and after trying, unsuccessfully, to write one (or rather to find anyone willing to publish one I’d written), I decided to try short fiction and work my way up to a novel. The short stories took over and my novel writing took a back seat, but I’ve written lots of longer stuff over the years.  I haven’…

Suzanna Ross Talks About her HIDDEN HEARTACHE - and a GIVEAWAY

I'm delighted to welcome my friend Suzanna Ross to the blog today, all the way from Scotland..  She's come to tell us a bit about her new novel HIDDEN HEARTACHE.  Suzanne also writes short stories as Suzanne Ross Jones and has been a consistently published short story writer over the years and recently released an anthology of her work, THE BABY OF THE FAMILY..  Her first novel TRUST IN ME was published last year, first in print as a pocket novel and later as an ebook.  Her newest release HIDDEN HEARTACHE also started life as a pocket novel (magazine style book published by a British women's magazine) and is now available as an ebook. .Now, over to Suzanna........

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The BLAZE Anthology by the Minxes of Romance (of which Suzanna is a member) is going free on Amazon 14th to 16th February (not November, as I'd mistakenly printed earlier!!!)   especially for Valentine's Day.  Grab it here!

Suzanna, how did it feel to have your first novel published?

Interview and Giveaway - Patsy Collins on her new novel A YEAR AND A DAY...

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Patsy's giveaway is Tracy Fells.  Congratulations Tracy.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome today to Patsy Collins, a short story writer turned novelist.  Patsy has recently released her third novel, a contemporary romance called A YEAR AND A DAY.  I invited Patsy to the blog today to tell us a bit about her work and especially about the new novel.

So now, over to Patsy....

Patsy, can you tell us a little about yourself and your development as a writer?

I started writing in 2002 almost by accident. Taking a creative writing evening course at the local college was one of those 'seemed a good idea at the time' things. My brilliant tutor (novelist June Hampson) strongly encouraged to submit work. Once I'd sold a couple of short stories to magazines.  I was hooked. Since then I've had hundreds of short stories published, mostly in women's magazines and I've written three novels (and half written several more).

That's a lot of wor…