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Interview and Giveaway - Juanita Kees on Fly Away Peta, Her Debut Novel

Today, I'm happy to welcome the lovely Juanita Kees to my blog.  Juanita's a freelance writer with lots of strings to her bow.  Her first novel, a wonderful piece of romantic suspense called FLY AWAY PETA, has recently been published by Eternal Press.  I've long been a reader of Juanita's very interesting blog and have found some wonderful posts and writers over there.

So today, Juanita's visiting me here in India to tell us a little about herself and about  her work.  She has very kindly agreed to give away a copy of the ebook of FLY AWAY PETA to one lucky commenter. 

So before we start, I'm just sharing the links to all of the places where you can find Juanita on the web.  Then read on to learn all about Juanita and FLY AWAY PETA.



What do you love most about being a writer?

I love that I can control the destiny of my characters and create a world full of happiness and dreams come true. Although, sometimes t…

Annie Seaton Talks about Steampunk and the Summer of the Moonflower - Interview and Giveaway

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Annie's giveaway is Suzanne Ross Jones.  Congratulations Suzanne.
I'm delighted to welcome Annie Seaton to my blog today.  Annie is an author of both contemporary romance and steampunk.  Her latest release, SUMMER OF THE MOONFLOWER, is a perfect example of a steampunk novel, a story of the quest for a better world and overcoming the bad guys in order to do do it.  SUMMER OF THE MOON FLOWER the second part of a series featuring the de Vargas family.  Steampunk could be described as Victorian science fiction, a sort of science fiction set in the era of steam, when technology was pushing out the barriers and lot of previously impossible thing were suddenly possible.  It captures the excitement of that time like nothing else does.
So here is Annie, from sunny Australia to tell us all about her new release and all about steampunk.
Annie on the Web:
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You write both contemporary romance and steampunk.  Of the two, steampu…

New Year, New Book! Giveaway and Interview with Helen Lacey

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Helen's giveaway is jcb weiss.  Congratulations, JoAnne!

I'm happy to welcome Helen Lacey back to the blog today.  She's just released the third book in herCrystal Point Series, HIS-AND-HERS FAMILY.   Just like her previous books, MADE FOR MARRIAGE and MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE, this book promises to be a riveting read, full of drama and emotions.  Helen stopped by today to tell us a little about the new book and she's also giving away a signed copy to one lucky commenter.  So make sure that you leave a comment after reading this post.


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Helen, your latest book is set in the same place as your previous two. Are you planning to write more books set in the same town, Crystal Point?Yes, absolutely! Book four comes out in August and it’s also set in Crystal Point. After that, I have several more planned.

That's exciting.  Where did you get the inspiration for this story?  W…

Giveaway and Interview - Valerie Parv on Love Among Aliens

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of  Valerie's contest is Teresa Ashby.  Congratulations Teresa.

Please welcome Valerie Parv to the blog today.  Valerie has come to talk to us about her new novel BIRTHRIGHT.  This is a romance novel with a difference - set in outer space

Romance is all about the characters

According to international best-selling author, Valerie Parv, the framework of any romance novel is so basic it’s often mistaken for a formula. Man meets woman. They’re powerfully attracted to each other but a major problem keeps them apart. Solving the problem while getting to know each other leads to their happy ever after. Valerie says what makes every story unique is who these people are and how they solve the problem to earn their HEA (that's  authorspeak for 'happy ever after', in case you didn't know).

Valerie, you're primarily known as a contemporary romance novelist.  Why have you written a romance novel about space and aliens this time? 
This story has taken me…

From Short Stories to Longer Fiction - Author Karen Clarke on her Debut Novel

I'm happy to welcome author Karen Clarke to my blog today.  I've known Karen for several years now in my avatar as a (mostly wannebe!) short story writer.  I know for a fact that Karen's success in the area of short story writing has been nothing short of phenomenal - she's managed to hold her own and as I mentioned when I interviewed her, that's really saying something in an era of shrinking print markets.  Her name is very familiar to readers of British women's and family magazines.  That's one of the reasons why I'm so pleased that her first novel MY FUTURE HUSBAND has just been published.  I know it'll be an absorbing read.



Karen, you've been successful as a short story writer and as I already mentioned that's really saying something in these days of shrinking markets. What made you want to become a novelist? 

It sounds a bit greedy but I’ve always wanted to do both! Even be…

Guest Post: Welcome Author Libby Mercer

Today, I'd like to welcome author Libby Mercer.  Libby's second novel 'Unmasking Maya' has just been published.  Libby has written a guest post especially for this blog, in which she shares the story of an old love of hers, one that unfortunately got away.  Who knows, this hero just might make it into the pages of one of her romance novels one day.  And you never know, reunion stories make great romance stories.  So, take it away Libby....

My Real Life Romantic Hero
Confession time: I’m a bit of a cliché. I sit around dreaming up romantic scenarios and fleshing them out in the form of love stories, but I am, in fact, a card-carrying singleton. I even have two cats!
Despite my current situation, I haven’t always been single. I’m still waiting for “the one” but among the not-terribly-interesting scenarios in which I met my various exes, there is one that stands out as very memorable. Magical even.
I was at Brit Pop Night at a club in New York when I saw a super hot guy on…

Interview with Giveaway - Suzanne Ross Jones Talks About Short Fiction

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of  Suzanne's giveaway is Carla Swafford.  Congratulations, Carla!

My first guest of the new year is a familiar face - she's my good friend and fellow writer Suzanne Ross Jones.   She's here today to tell us something about her new release, a short story collection called 'The Baby of the Family'.  As a short story writer, Suzanne has been remarkably successful and in recent years has been regularly published in various periodicals in the UK, particularly during a time of shrinking markets.  Suzanne also writes romantic fiction as Suzanna Ross and is a member of the influential Minxes of Romance, who recently released the smoking hot 'Blaze' anthology.  Suzanne had a story in 'Blaze' and recently had her first romance novel 'Trust In Me' published by E-Scape Press.

1. Suzanne, you recently released your first novel TRUST IN ME as Suzanna Ross. I know you've had a lot of success as a short story writer over the pas…