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Aurelia B. Rowl - Giveaway and Interview about CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED, her debut novel

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The giveaway for a copy of CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED was won by Aline Tobing

1. Aurelia, I remember meeting you online just over a year ago when you started your writing career. In that extremely short time, you've just had your first novel published. In a world where rejections outnumber acceptances, you are what is commonly known as phenomenally successful. How does it feel? Surreal! No other word covers it. I feel both incredibly lucky and thankful that it has happened so soon for me. It has happened a year before even I had hoped, and has given me a great boost of confidence and sense of belief that I can write.

2.  CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED is a Christmas story but it's releasing very late at Christmas, isn't it?  What do you think? I agree, it is very late, but it is how the publishing schedule worked out, with Christmas being the theme of the month. Christmas is Cancelled was originally scheduled to come out after Christmas, so I am thankful it came out when …

A Christmas Moon by Sally Quilford - Giveaway and Interview - And a Writing Challenge!!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Sally's giveaway of a copy of A CHRISTMAS MOON is CARMEN FALCONE.  Congratulations, Carmen!

I'm happy to welcome Sally Quilford here as my guest this Christmas - she's here to tell us something about her new paranormal novel CHRISTMAS MOON.   I love that name, don't you?  And unlike other Christmas books,  CHRISTMAS MOON won't be off season even when Christmas is over because good paranormal is good paranormal whatever the time of year.  I've been a huge fan of Sally's work for a while now and I happen to know she does paranormal rather well - lots of delicious chills.  So I had  plenty of questions to ask her, which she obligingly and generously  answered.  Here's the interview.
Sally, you usually write a Christmas novel. Why did you choose to do a paranormal this time? I was just about to say that I don’t usually write a Christmas novel. Then I remembered I’ve written three now! The truth is I avoid seasonal if I can, b…

Giveaway and Interview: Author Jenny Schwartz Speaks About Short Fiction

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of  Jenny's giveaway is Sally Jenkins.  Congratulations Sally!

I'm delighted to introduce my special guest this week, author Jenny Schwartz from Australia.  Jenny's novella (novelette really!) 'Drawing Closer' has just been published by Escape Publishing in Australia.  Jenny writes steampunk, a truly fascinating genre of fiction based in the age of steam but often incorporating fantastical supernatural elements.  'Drawing Closer', however is contemporary romance.  As Jenny's latest release is short fiction, I was brimming over with questions to ask her about it, as I too write and have had short fiction published in print (although I'm trying to branch out into longer fiction).

1. Hi Jenny, great to have you here as my guest today. At 10,000 words, your new Escape Publications release (escape/release, OMG did you notice that) is quite a bit longer than a regular short story but quite a bit shorter than a novella too. As someo…

Suzanna from the Minxes of Romance with a Giveaway!

She doesn't look much like a minx, does she? She has such an innocent, sweet smile.  But looks can be deceiving.  Suzanna Ross (aka Suzanne Jones) is a longtime member of the romance writers' blog, THE MINXES OF ROMANCE. They're a successful group of romance writing women.   Suzanna, an established short story writer and whose debut romance novel was published recently, has come today to give us the info on BLAZE, on the Minxes joint writing project.  It's an anthology of short romances with a common theme and location, each story written by one minx.   I had plenty of questions ready to keep her  busy, as you can see below ...

1. Suzanne, please tell me something about the Minxes. How did you all meet? How do you work together? Do you critique each others' work?

The Minxes of Romance got together after one of the Harlequin Mills and Boon Competitions a while back. Initially, we set up as a critique group, but we've evolved way beyond that. Minxes are friends fi…

Author Jennifer St George on her Debut Novel - And a Giveaway!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Jennifer's giveaway of a Kindle copy of THE CONVENIENT BRIDE is Libby Mercer.  Congratulations, Libby!!!
I'm delighted to welcome author Jennifer St. George to my blog today.  Jennifer is talking about her  debut novel THE CONVENIENT BRIDE.   I find the premise of the novel fascinating and availed of the opportunity to ask Jennifer some questions about it and she was forthcoming with the replies.  Here's the interview:

1. Jennifer, the premise for THE CONVENIENT BRIDE is the marriage of convenience.  People seem absolutely fascinated by the concept and quite a few authors besides yourself, such as Nicola Marsh and Jennifer Probst have written novels based on it.  What's the reason for the fascination, do you think?
I love the ‘Marriage of Convenience’ plot - it’s such a classic. You can have so much fun writing within this construct. The plot structure enables you to have lots of juicy conflict but the marriage ‘contract’ ensures that hero …

Author Laura O'Connell Speaks About Her Work - and a Giveaway!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of Laura's giveaway of WEB OF LIES is Suzanne Ross Jones.  Congratulations Suzanne.

I'm happy to welcome author Laura O'Connell to my blog today.  Laura has two novels launched into the world recently, WEB OF LIES and HEART OF AFRICA.  Today, we're talking about both of them.

1. Laura, you're very welcome.  I'm fascinated by your premise for WEB OF LIES. That book might as well have been written in Ireland, where I come from.   Years ago, in Ireland, girls who found themselves in the situation of being unmarried and pregnant were often sent 'off to the nuns', that meant some convent, where they could hide until they had their baby adopted. Many women were so scarred by the experience that they were never the same again. The situation was terrible for the children too, because when many of them grew up, they had a very difficult time tracing their real mother. We're from different sides of the world, yet this common situation …