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Meet Kate from Escape Publishing

I usually interview an author on my book blog at least once a week.  However, today for a change, I'm interviewing Kate Cuthbert, the managing director of Harlequin Escape, a new branch of Harlequin in Australia which is concentrating on digital format books to meet the demands of a new and ever diversifying book market.  As an aspiring author who has lots of author friends, I was brimming with curiousity and had lots of questions for Kate and she's patiently answered every one and even anticipated some of them.  So read on for some fascinating information.

1. Where was the need for a new Harlequin digital imprint whenHM&B Australia is already well established?
HM&B in Australia put together some amazing titles. But they face the
same restrictions as other print publishers: restrictions on the number
of titles, marketing considerations. It meant that thousands of fabulous
titles were being passed over. But digital-first has fewer restrictions,
more freedom, more room to take…

Louisa George's Latest Novel - And A Giveaway!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of a signed copy if Louisa's latest release THE WAR HERO'S LOCKED AWAY HEART is Fiona Marsden.  Congratulations Fiona.

Louisa George has just dropped in to talk about her latest novel, THE WAR HERO'S LOCKED AWAY HEART and she has a signed copy for one lucky commenter.  She is one of my favourite novelists in the Mills and Boon Medical Romance imprint and I had a lot of  questions up my sleeve to ask her.  So here we go:

Louisa-  Thanks so much for inviting me over to your blog! It's lovely to be here.

Maria-  You're very welcome, Louisa.   I've noticed that your characters, particularly the heroines are very well  drawn and tend to come alive on the page. The heroines in your first two novels, Jessie and Mim, were very likeable. Both of them struck me as women who I'd lik e to have as a friend. 
I loved Jessie in ONE MONTH TO BECOME A MUM for her
no-nonsense, get on with it attitude when her marriage  broke up under such tragic circu…

Helen Lacey Talks About The Second Book!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of  the giveaway for Helen's latest novel MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is Libby Mercer.  Congratulations Libby.

FacebookHelen on the web: Twitter Author Page
A warm welcome to author Helen Lacey, who is joining us on the blog today from Australia.  Helen's first published novel MADE FOR MARRIAGE was released earlier this year as a Harlequin Special Editions book.   Her second release, MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE,  also on Harlequin Special Editions, is now hitting the shelves.  I followed Helen's blog tour (following her first release) with great interest and I can hardly believe that it's time for the next book already.  Helen agreed to answer some questions for me about this second release, and how it feels to have the second book published.

1.Helen, it seems like hardly any time since your first book MADE FOR MARRIAGE hit the shelves and now it's time for the next one. How does it feel to have a second book coming out? Is it as excitin…

Say Hello to Barbara DeLeo

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of the CONTRACT FOR MARRIAGE ebook giveaway was Cherie Le Clare.  Congratulations, Cherie.

I am joined today on my blog by  recently published  author, Barbara DeLeo.  Barbara's novel CONTRACT FOR MARRIAGEwas published by Entangled Publishing recently, in their Indulgence imprint.  Her second novel,LAST CHANCE PROPOSAL is coming out in January, 2013, also in Entangled Indulgence.  Barbara answered a few questions for me about her writing journey and process.

What gave you the inspiration to write CONTRACT FOR MARRIAGE?

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today, Maria. The inspiration for Contract for Marriage came from my fascination with the way people can become attached to a particular place. I tried to imagine a situation where two people could be passionately intent on hanging on to a home but could never live there together. I also wanted to explore the idea that people often use each other for their own ends and how that could play out when they’…