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Author Maria McKenzie Talks About Her Work!

I am happy to welcome author Maria McKenzie to my blog today to tell us something about her writing and her latest work, ESCAPE.  Maria and I share a lot in common apart from a first name.  We're both around the same age (born in the early sixties), we both love writing and we are both partners in inter-racial marriages.  It's quite a sobering thought that where Maria lives, had it been a century and a half back in time, her marriage would have probably been illegal.

Have you always wanted to be an author or is it something that happened to you gradually?

Becoming an author was a gradual process for me. I came up with the idea for Unchained and couldn’t stop writing!  That narrative evolved from a simple love story into a complex family saga.

Do you write in any other genres or do you specialize in historical novels?

Right now I only write historicals. The first novel I released last year was The Governor’s Sons. It’s historical, as is The Unchained Trilogy.  However, as soon as t…

Meet Carmen Falcone

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of the book giveaway was Pat Posner.  Congratulations, Pat.  We will be in touch with you.

I'm very happy to welcome author Carmen Falcone, from Austin, Texas, USA,  to my blog today.  Carmen's debut novel A VENGEFUL AFFAIR was published in Julyby Entangled Publishing.  She's come today especially to tell us about her novel.
Carmen, please tell us something about your new novel. What type of story is it? A Vengeful Affair is a steamy romance about Vivian’s quest for revenge. She believes Javier killed her best friend, and since she doesn’t have enough evidence to lock him up, she wants to steal his billion-pound merger instead. However, he catches her in his office afterwards, and is adamant about keeping her close until he finds out who she really is. Though they are on opposite sides, the time they spend together makes it hard for them to ignore the sizzling attraction and the emotional bond they began to s…

Review - True Colours by Vanessa Fox

Reviewed by Maria
From my native Ireland comes this enjoyable piece of  romantic intrigue by Vanessa Fox, which is also her debut novel.    
Creative and hard working,  Alexandra (Alex) Ryan, an Irish expat,  is home from Spain on a dual purpose visit.  Firstly  to spend time with her beloved father, who's recovering from a serious accident.  Alex has questions about the 'accident' which no-one seems able to answer.  What her father is hiding?  Who is he protecting?   And why?  The second purpose for the visit is to drum up business for her Spanish based interior design company.   A prestigious first assignment with the Spanish Cultural Institute together with  word of mouth recommendations land her yet another lucrative commission.   Ushered into the presence of the boss of a prestigious finance company before she's had time to Google his name, she finds herself face to face with Sebastian Wingfield, the scion of the aristocratic family who own the Anglo-Irish Kilfen…